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What Magic Massage Chair Customers Have to Say..
  • My coin laundry is compact. We had to move things around to make room for the Magic Massage Chair, but it was well worth it. My customers love it, and so do we!!! ~ Owner

  • $467 in 1 week. The Magic Massage Chair is the best investment I ever made. This is so easy. There is almost no maintenance, nothing to do but collect the money! ~ Owner

  • This feels really good. It’s massaging my shoulders, lumbar and my feet. 4 minutes for $1.00, what a great deal! ~ Customer

  • It gets so busy in my laundromat people have to wait for machines. Instead of leaving, now they ride the Magic Massage Chair a few times. Now they don’t hate to wait! ~ Owner

  • $1,623 my first month! My customers all love the Magic Massage Chair. Sometimes I think they are coming back for another massage not just to do laundry! ~ Owner

  • The Magic Massage Chair looks so comfortable and inviting, my customers just can’t resist trying it. Once they do, they keep coming back for more. ~ Owner

  • $434 in 6 days. The Magic Massage Chair was a good decision. It gives my customers something to do while they wait for their clothes to dry. A happy customer is always a good investment! ~ Owner

  • I used to dread the weekly trip to the laundromat. Once they put the Magic Massage Chair in there, waiting is heavenly. I deserve a little pampering after washing all those clothes. ~ Customer

  • $373 from Monday to Saturday. This is a lot easier and more profitable than any other vended item I’ve ever had. ~ Owner


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Magic Massage Chair in Airport
Magic Massage Chair in Airport
Magic Massage Chair in Airport

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